At the New Britain Baptist Church we host both member and non-member weddings. Both must be approved by our pastor, the Board of Deacons, and the Board of Trustees.

We do allow couples to rent our facilities and use their own clergy for the ceremony. These couples do not need to agree to three pre-marital counseling sessions with our pastor.

We provide our organist with the first option to play at all weddings hosted by NBBC. If our organist is not available, we will help you contact an alternate organist. If you wish to have your own organist play, this must be approved by our organist first. All couples are responsible for contacting an organist to confirm any arrangements, whether it is our organist or an alternative!

We do not have a center aisle or air conditioning in our sanctuary.

If you have not seen the interior of our facilities, please view our virtual tour! If you would like to see more in person, please contact our secretary at 215-345-1535 to schedule a date and time.

Please be sure to fill out the correct form:
 2017 Complete Member Wedding Form

2017 Complete Non-Member Wedding Form

  1. Submit the form to the church office for approval. Our Pastor, the Board of Deacons, and the Board of Trustees must all approve the form.
  2. Approved forms will be returned to the couple with a confirmation signature by the Trustees, as well as a contact who will be responsible for unlocking our facilities on the rehearsal date and the ceremony date.

All terms of agreement are outlined on the forms. These forms are subject to change at any time, although we try to keep them as up to date as possible.