Food Larder

Phone: (215) 345-9170 (during hours of operation only)

Days and Times of Operation:
Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00am – Noon (no admittance after 11:30am) and 1:00pm – 4:00pm (no admittance after 3:30pm)
Closed on Holidays

How Can You Help?…Volunteer!…Donate!
The Food Larder depends on the help of the community to continue this valuable service for those in need. Please help!

Need Help?
To receive food from our pantry, please visit the Food Larder during operating hours.
You will be asked to complete a Self-Declaration of Need form, which can also be downloaded from
our Forms Page and completed beforehand.

About the NBBC Food Larder:
The New Britain Baptist Church houses and manages a community Food Larder, providing food for both individuals and families in need of assistance in the Central Bucks and New Hope School Districts . The Food Larder is a designated food distribution site of the Opportunity Council of Bucks County. Support comes from government allocated funds, area churches and synagogues, the United States Postal Service, the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of America, Keller Williams Realtors, local businesses and organizations, local schools and individual donors. All food, supply, and financial donations directly benefit those who need the help of the Larder.

The Food Larder is entirely operated and staffed by more than 50 volunteers. We serve from 700 to 750 clients a month. All food donations that come to the larder are checked for expiration dates. Please check dates before dropping off.

Families in need can visit the Food Larder once a month and are given one paper grocery bag per two people to fill with food of their choice. Each trip to the Larder gives families about one week’s worth of food. Food Larders and Pantries are not supposed to be their sole source of food for the month. It’s for an emergency. We’re here to help you over the hump, until you get back on your feet. While most Food Larders and Pantries give clients prepared bags, the New Britain Baptist Food Larder prides itself on allowing clients to fill their bags themselves. There are 27 pantries in Bucks County only a few allow the dignity of choosing.

While donations are high during the holiday season, the Food Larder receives much fewer donations in the summer months. Our shelves get pretty empty at the end of the summer. Coordinator, Dottie Rimmer says, “Hunger does not go on vacation, but people do and they stop bringing goods in.”

To donate to the Food Larder, stop by during hours of operation or send a check to the New Britain Baptist Church Food Larder. One-Hundred percent of the monetary donations go back to the clients. We use our monetary donations to purchase fresh meats and other high-demand items.

For more information, please call:

Food Larder Donations
Dottie Rimmer – Coordinator – (215) 257-3424
Byron Rimmer – Co-Coordinator (215) 257-3424
Shirley Eyrich – Co-Coordinator of Food (215) 822-0221
Pat Van Luvanee – Co-Coordinator of Food (215) 345-0413

Volunteer Information
Rose Konyk – (215) 348-5770

Public Relations
Pat Van Luvanee – (215) 345-0413

Download our Larder Items Needed List and Food Larder Brochure Updated