Q: When can I drop off food donations to the Food Larder?
A: We prefer that food donations are delivered during the Larder’s hours of operation. If unable to do so, please call the church office at 215-345-1535 for further information.

Q: When are worship services and who can come?
A: Worship Services are held every Sunday at 10:00 am. We welcome the entire community, so please do not hestitate to join us!

Q: Why are the church perimeter doors always locked?
A: We keep these doors locked for the safety of our staff. There is a doorbell located at the entrance for the church office that can be used during church office hours. Please call ahead if assistance is needed from the staff.

Q: Do you offer Sunday school during worship services?
A: Yes! We always have two adults trained in childcare available at every service.

Q: How can I receive the church’s monthly newsletter?
A: Just contact the church office at your convenience–whether that be via mail, email, or phone–and leave the secretary with your contact information. Also, list if you would like our “Highlights” sent via mail, email, or both!

Q: How can I make your church community aware of a struggling friend?
A: Simply submit a prayer request to the church office and request it be included in our Sunday bulletin and/or the monthly newsletter.

Q: How can I request to host an event using your facility?
A: Contact the office and ask for a building usage form. Once completed, it can be sent back to the church at the address listed on the form. The office will submit it to the Board of Trustees who will contact you once a decision is made.